Smile and Ride!


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We were treated extremely well. They were allowed to go at their own pace, and she helped them gain confidence as they tried something new. She was very patient with my daughter that has extreme anxiety. As well as with my younger boys. I was very impressed with the group experience! I highly recommend this to all families! My kids left feeling very confident in themselves.

- Emberli Olsen

our Mission

​At Bridle Ranch, our mission is to help people of all ages be happy through playing, learning, working, and developing respect and love for themselves, other people, animals, and the world in which we live.

​​​​​Smile and Ride!

​​Welcome to Bridle Ranch!  We are a small, family-owned company dedicated to sharing and growing a love of horses and playing in the great outdoors since 2012. We offer horseback riding lessons, team-building experiences, children's classes, and group parties. Come play outside with us!