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​These fun and unique challenges focus on fun, communication, and problem-solving. These games are great for individuals, families, dates, businesses, and more!

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​​Smile and Ride!

Horseback riding... and so much more!

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Individual experiences are one-time rides, perfect for trying horseback riding for the first time. They're also a great date idea!

Welcome to Bridle Ranch!  We are a small, family-owned company dedicated to sharing and growing a love of horses and playing in the great outdoors.  We offer horseback riding lessons, team-building experiences, children's classes, and group parties.  Come play outside with us!

         Bridle Ranch

Bridle Ranch



​The classes are geared toward riders aged 3-9, and focus on building confidence, practicing safe behaviors around horses, and playing games!​​

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At Bridle Ranch, our mission is to help people of all ages be happy through playing, learning, working, and developing respect and love for themselves, other people, animals, and the world in which we live.

​​Smile and Ride!


Jessie Kilger-

We love Bridle Ranch. Great instructors, great horses, and great prices.



Ground skills students work on basic ground skills, including leading, grooming, obstacle courses, and even jumping. If you want to learn the basics of training horses, this class is for you!

Bridle Ranch is pleased to offer several different programs for all equine enthusiasts!  Select from the following to learn more about the various options available.



​This is our most popular option.  Our riding instructors focus on helping riders become comfortable and confident working around and with horses.  



This is a fun option for a larger group.  Riders don't have to worry about controlling their own horses, and instead can play a fun game that is safe and challenging.  This is a great way to do a birthday party!