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I have owned horses for as long as I remember. I have trained one horse, and assisted in training another. I have shown horses since I was 9 and held multiple horse related leadership roles. Horses are my passion and I hope to one day own my own ranch where I breed and train horses for a living. I want to gain as much experience with horses and in the equine industry as possible and Bridle Ranch is a perfect place to do that. 

As a teenager I took riding lessons for a couple years at Bridle Ranch, and loved the program. It lets you connect and work with the horses in such a great atmosphere. Now I get to enjoy being a part of the crew with such amazing coworkers, and seeing others have similar experiences on the ranch.


Office Manager & Communication Specialist


Owner & Founder

~ Ryan ~

Owner & Founder

I grew up in the suburbs of Idaho, but I frequently visited family ranches in Wyoming where I learned the basics of riding. Now, I work as an Electrical Engineer, and completely love country life.

I have been riding on and off since I was 11 years old. I have been around them since I was a kid from scout camps, to relative's houses, and have always loved spending time with them. I want to one day open up my own therapeutic retreat ranch for people with addictions, disabilities, or just for fun. By working at Bridle Ranch I plan to get a better sense of helping and working with others, and especially to become a better rider and person.

I grew up on a Ranch in California, and have been riding since 11 years old. I learned to teach riding lessons at a treatment center for troubled youth. I left that when Ryan, my husband, and I started a family, and stumbled into starting my own business. For me, Bridle Ranch is a platform for helping people and connecting with them and I completely love what I do.


Barn Manager & Instructor​​

I've been around horses my whole life. Though I never received formal training, I enjoyed riding on occasion. Someday I hope to own some land of my own and maybe have a horse or two. Working at Bridle Ranch is an opportunity to continue teaching and working with horses.


​Substitute/On Call Instructor

~ TIMO ~





I have loved animals my whole life, and graduated from college as a Veterinary Assistant. I love teaching lessons, and working with our horses.


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