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I have been riding for 6 1/2 years, and I have loved every second of  it. I now own a Thoroughbred who I compete in Eventing with.

My experience with horses has been amazing. Horses are very special to me, and have literally saved my life. Through learning to ride, I have learned so much about myself. 

One day I hope to start a barn where therapy is offered, and I can teach people about horses and how to ride them. I want to create an environment where people can make friends, have fun, and where disorders are simply a diagnosis.

Through working at Bridle Ranch I am gaining the teaching experience, and a variety of training techniques I need in order to train and ride a horse.

Overall I love horses and they will always have a special place in my heart.

~ Ryan ~

Owner & Founder



I grew up in the suburbs of Idaho, but I frequently visited family ranches in Wyoming where I learned the basics of riding. Now, I work as an Electrical Engineer, and completely love country life.

I grew up on a Ranch in California, and have been riding since 11 years old. I learned to teach riding lessons at a treatment center for troubled youth. I left that when Ryan, my husband, and I started a family, and stumbled into starting my own business. For me, Bridle Ranch is a platform for helping people and connecting with them and I completely love what I do.


Barn Manager & Instructor​​

I've been around horses my whole life. Though I never received formal training, I enjoyed riding on occasion. Someday I hope to own some land of my own and maybe have a horse or two. Working at Bridle Ranch is an opportunity to continue teaching and working with horses.


​Substitute/On Call Instructor




I have been riding for as long as I can remember! Whenever I have the opportunity I hop on!

I learned how to work with horses at a young age. I help my friends who rodeo take care of, ride, and warm up their horses for events.

Currently, I'm working on queening at rodeos, and I aspire to start a horse ranch of my own one day!

Bridle Ranch is the perfect job opportunity, I can hardly call it work! Making friends with the other instructors, the students and their families, the horses, and dogs that make their way out to the ranch, is all more than I could ask for!

I have loved animals my whole life, and graduated from college as a Veterinary Assistant. I love teaching lessons, and working with our horses.


Office Manager & Communication Specialist


Owner & Founder

As a teenager I took riding lessons for a couple years at Bridle Ranch, and loved the program. It lets you connect and work with the horses in such a great atmosphere. Now I get to enjoy being a part of the crew with such amazing coworkers, and seeing others have similar experiences on the ranch.

Smile and Ride!


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