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Our riding program is geared toward people who want to enjoy riding.  We don't do competitions, which leaves our students free to ride various styles and to learn at their own pace.  

We specialize in teaching people who have never ridden before, and will work with students as young as 7 years old.  

Our program has 6 levels*  during which students will learn how to ride, care for, and even teach their horses.  Throughout the levels, students will have the opportunity to ride both English and Western skills.

The foundation for our philosophy in working with our horses is rooted in Parelli Natural Horsemanship.  We focus on building relationships of trust, leadership, and communication between our students and their horses.  

Safety, of course, is the first priority of working with horses at Bridle Ranch.  After that, we try to learn and have fun at the same time.  Playing with horses is amazing, and we're excited to help our students reach their potential!

Riding Lessons F.A.Q.

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Safety-  This level focuses on being safe around the horses and learning basic riding and grooming skills.  A bit of trotting is also introduced.

Arena- In this level, we practice walking patterns, being in rhythm with the horse, and gaining good control.  Some lessons are ridden bareback.  Riders learn to ask their own horses to trot.

Trail- This level assumes you have enough control of your horse to go out on a trail ride.  While trail rides are not currently offered in our program, riders will work on more difficult riding skills. Riding the trot is improved and refined, and a bit of cantering is introduced.  

Meadow- Meadow level riders will strengthen their trotting and cantering skills. They will also build on their ability to ride softly, with improved balance and better communication.  

Sunset- Students at this level will continue to practice skills at all the gaits.  Trotting through patterns on the correct diagonal is expected, and simple lead changes are introduced.  At this level, riders work on becoming more self-directed.  Ground lessons are also practiced, which helps students to learn how to train horses.

Horsemanship- Riders will work on walking without reins, trotting over small obstacles, and cantering through patterns with flying lead changes.  Students also have a chance to either teach a horse or to begin student teaching in Safety lessons. 

​*Ask about our secret ninja level!

Level Descriptions

Do I have to bring a helmet?

  • We recommend bringing your own SEI or ASTM approved helmet.  These can be purchased on However, we do have helmets you can rent for $1 per ride.  

Do I have to wear boots?

  • For the first two levels, any close-toed shoes with a back (sneakers) will do just fine.  In Trail level, we start doing some pretty serious trotting, at which point boots become necessary.

Do I have to start at Safety level?

  • We require everybody to start at Safety level, simply because that way we can ensure that everybody is communicating with our horses in the same way.  That being said, we don't require anybody to stay at Safety level for a specific amount of time.  Once you can demonstrate proficiency in the level skills, you are allowed to test up to the next level.

What if the lesson times don't work for me?

  • We try to stay with the advertised lesson times (schedule page), but if those don't work, give us a call or send an email.  We might be able to work with your schedule.

Are private lessons available?

  • Private lessons are occasionally provided on case-by-case basis.  They cost more, and often have to be scheduled outside the class times listed. (schedule page)

How often are lessons?

  • We ask that you sign up for at least one lesson per week.  If you'd like, you may sign up for lessons more often.

How do tests work?

  • Tests will usually be held during your normal ride time.  They are typically an hour long.  During that time, you are required to demonstrate all of the level skills you have been learning and practicing.  Your instructor will recommend you for a test when they feel you are ready to level up.  Tests are the cost of your current level plus $10.

Will I ride on my first day?

  • On your first day, you will spend the first 15-20 minutes going over paperwork.  During this time, you will learn more about how our program works and what you can expect as a student.  After that, you will spend a little time leading your horse around and, assuming you feel comfortable with it, you will mount and learn the basics of controlling your horse.  We get you riding on the first day!

Do you have an indoor arena?

  • At this point, we only have an outdoor arena, but we hope to have an indoor arena in the next 5 years!

Do we have lessons when the weather is bad?

  • Yes, we do! We can often ride when the weather is less than ideal. However, there is so much to learn about the horsing lifestyle beyond riding!  We do ground lessons, horse care lessons, watch videos, and play games that all help us to learn more about working with horses.  

Do you work with people with disabilities?

  • While we are willing to work with most people, we don't typically work with people with disabilities.  We don't have the specialized equipment or training to help some people reach their full potential with horses.  We will, however, work with high-functioning individuals on a case-by-case basis.

Levels And Prices

Riding Lessons



1 Lesson - - 2hr

4 Lessons - - 2HR

12 Lessons



$25 - - - - $60

$92 - - - - $220



(Helmet, Safety Certificate)

$30 - - - - $70

$112 - - - - $260



(Helmet, Boots, Arena Certificate)

$35 - - - - $80

$132 - - - - $300



(Helmet, Boots, Trail Certificate)

$40 - - - - $90

$152 - - - - $340



(Helmet, Boots, Meadow Certificate)

$45 - - - - $100

$172 - - - - $380



(Helmet, Boots, Sunset Certificate)

$50 - - - - $110

$192 - - - - $420


Smile and Ride!