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Ground Skills

Riding experiences are a wonderful opportunity to go for a one-time ride.  While we don't go out on trail rides nor go faster than a walk, we do give riders above the age of 6 the instruction necessary to control your own horse. After, we set up obstacles and/or games so you get the chance to experience some of what real riding is all about. Sessions are typically scheduled to be an hour long, and you end up having about 35 minutes of free time on your horse.

Smile and Ride!

Riding Lessons

Group Experiences

We have three riding classes that cater specifically to our young riders. Buckaroos(3-5 years old), Wranglers(5-7 years old), and Riders(7-9 year olds). These classes follow the format of the other levels, but focus much more on appropriate behaviors and confidence around and on horseback. This prepares them for a lifetime of great experiences with horses.

Our riding program is geared toward people who want to enjoy riding. We specialize in teaching people who have never ridden before, and will work with students as young as 7 years old. We don't do competitions, which leaves our students free to ride various styles and to learn at their own pace. Students will have the opportunity to ride both English and Western, as well as learning to care for, and even teach their horses.

​Have you ever been to an escape room?  HorsePlay is a lot like that.  Of course, instead of being stuck in a small room, you're in the beautiful outdoors.  And there are horses.  

Here's how it works:  You come out, either by yourself or with a group, and we put you in the arena with at least one horse.  Then, we give you a challenge.  Sometimes, it's as simple as haltering and grooming your horse.  For the more confident or more experienced, your challenge might be asking your horse to go over a jump.  Of course, there's always a twist...

Ground Skills is our class for those who would like to spend time with horses but are not able to be in the saddle.  Participants will learn the basics of being around horses and taking care of them.  In addition, the ground skills classes teach the beginnings of horse training.  We use fun obstacles, and challenge the horses using psychological principles.  Ground skills are invaluable to playing with horses, and many people have as much fun playing with their horses on the ground as they do in the saddle!

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Kids Classes

Group Experiences are ideal for birthday parties, family outings, and those who want a gentle riding experience.  Riders will get a chance to interact with their horse, learn a few fun facts about horses, and be led around on a horse.  We also have challenges that are easy enough for small children, and challenging enough to be interesting for adults!

Individual Experiences


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