Bridle Ranch

phone # unavailable at this time

 879 N. Main St. Genola, UT 84655

New Location   -   New Location


Our new location is in Genola.
The address is 879 N. Main Street, Genola, Utah.
It is a 25 minute drive South from the South Provo freeway on ramp.

​ It's beautiful, and big, and we're excited to see you there!​

What this means:

For the time being, we do not have an office phone.

We will also only be able to accept cash or check.

February, May, August, November

Seasonal Email Blast 

We have a seasonal email blast that will go out once every 3 months. 

These emails will keep you updated on Bridle Ranches calendar of holidays, events, and deals.

To be added to the email list, either fill out a slip in our office, or check mark the box when sending us an email from our CONTACT US page

Introducing our newest program-


Because horsing arou​nd should never be taken too seriously...

HorsePlay is a series of games that are great for learning, building teams, improving communication, and having a great time outside with horses!

Check out HorsePlay, and come play with us!

Smile and Play!


Smile and Ride!

Tuesday & Saturday 2:00-4:00pm    -    Weeks 1&3 or 2&4

New 2 Hour Lesson

To help you get more time at Bridle Ranch, and less time on the road, we have a 2 hour lesson time slot on Tuesdays and Saturdays:

⚫️ 2 hour lesson                               🐴

 ⚫️ Every other week                         🐎

1st & 3rd    or    2nd & 4th

These lessons are available to all students new or current. To sign up, please send us an email.

         Bridle Ranch