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How many students are in the classes?

  • These classes will never have more than 8 students each.  The actual class size will change depending on the day and time of year.

When are the classes held? (schedule page)

  • Bridle Ranch Buckaroos is held on Mondays from 4:30-5:30pm.  Bridle Ranch Wranglers is held on Wednesdays from 4:30-5:30pm. Bridle Ranch Riders is held on Fridays from 4:30-5:30pm. The classes will run year-round, as long as they have at least 2 students. Please email or call ahead to reserve a spot in class!

Will students be riding?

  • Students will be riding in all classes.  Buckaroos will generally be led without reins, to give them opportunities to practice their balance and to get used to being on a moving horse. Wranglers will be led until their confidence and balance are sufficient to begin holding the reins.  When they are given reins, they will ride with a side-walker who is also leading the horse as an added security measure.  This gives young students the chance to begin controlling their horse without much risk.

  • For safety reasons, riding may not be the main component of each class.  The class size will often be larger than the number of horses we have saddled.  However, this means that when each student is riding, they will have individual instruction and supervision with one instructor, and the other students can be practicing other skills on the ground.

How many instructors will there be for each class?

  • Generally, there will be 1 instructor for each class, with the possibility of volunteers to help run activities.  Feel free to ask about volunteering to help with your child's class!

Does my child need a helmet?

  • Every rider at Bridle Ranch needs a helmet.  For regular lessons, helmets are available to rent for $1/lesson. However, since Buckaroos, Wranglers, and Riders will not be riding for the entire hour, the cost of the helmet is covered in the cost of the lessons.

My child is 5 years old.  Which class should we sign up for?

  • This answer will be different for each family.  Since the classes are on different days, scheduling might be what makes the decision for you.  If the schedule is not an issue, then it would be helpful to take the child's personality into account.  A more confident child will probably be happier in the older class; a more timid or quiet child would probably enjoy the younger class.  However, if one class is full, you are welcome to sign your child up for the other class until a spot opens up.

My child is 7 years old.  Should we sign up for the class or for lessons?

  • The recommendation is to put a 7-year-old in the Bridle Ranch Wranglers class.  Because the focus is more on games and confidence rather than on skills and progression through the levels, most 7-year-old kids would enjoy the class before getting into lessons.  However, if the class is full, please ask about signing your child up for lessons.

Can I sign up my young child for lessons instead of the class?

  • We love to get younger students riding horses!  We have geared our classes specifically to the needs and interests of young riders.  In order to facilitate the best experience for both our older and our younger students, we are only allowing riders who are 7 or older to sign up for lessons.

We have three riding classes that cater specifically to our young riders.  These classes follow the format of the other levels, but focus much more on appropriate behaviors and confidence around and on horseback. This prepares them for a lifetime of great experiences with horses.

Bridle Ranch Buckaroos is our class for students who are 3-5 years old.  Buckaroos will get to experience various skills such as petting their horse, leading their horse, riding while being led, and building balance while on horseback.  Students are gently guided to a level of confidence that will serve them well throughout their riding years.  Skills are practiced and repeated often through games and activities that are geared toward young riders.  

Bridle Ranch Wranglers is geared toward students who are 5-7 years old.  These students will practice brushing their horse, leading their horse independently, riding with confidence and balance while being led, and holding the reins correctly while their horse is moving.  The Wranglers class utilizes games and age-appropriate challenges to build strong riders who are able to graduate to Riders or Lessons.

Bridle Ranch Riders is our transition class for 7-9 year olds that don't have prior experience with horses or who are coming from our Wranglers class. This class is not mandatory for this age group, but it does provide a fun and easy environment for younger kids to interact with horses. Riders students will go through the same skills as Safety level students, but at a slower pace and in a group environment.

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