Bridle Ranch

Bridle Ranch

879 N. MAIN ST. GENOLA, UT 84655


How much are Individual Riding Experiences?

  • Riding Experiences are $25/person.
  • +$1 helmet rental /person

Will I get to trot or canter during my experience?

  • Unfortunately, we reserve faster riding for our lessons students.  If you would be interested in learning to ride at faster gaits, please sign up for lessons!

What ages are eligible to ride?

  • We take riders ages 3 and up.  

How many people can come for Individual Experiences?

  • Assuming all our horses are sound, we can accommodate 3 people at a time.

When should I schedule my experience?

  • We have a pretty busy schedule, so we recommend calling or emailing at least a week in advance.  The earlier you schedule your ride time, the more likely you are to get the time you want.

What times are available for Individual Experiences?

  • We have a few times specifically set aside for Individual experiences, generally in the early afternoon or late evening.  Also, whenever we have spots that open up during our weekly lesson schedule, those slots are available for Individual Experiences.

Riding experiences are a wonderful opportunity to go for a one-time ride.  While we don't go out on trail rides, nor go faster than a walk, we do give you the instruction necessary to control your own horse* and then set up obstacles and/or games so you get the chance to experience some of what real riding is all about.

Sessions are typically scheduled to be an hour long, and you end up having about 35 minutes of free time on your horse.

*Riders aged 3-6 will be led around the arena.  Also, any riders who are nervous about controlling their own horse will be led until they are comfortable holding the reins themselves.

Smile and Ride!

Individual Experiences

INdividual Experiences F.A.Q