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   Breed: Thoroughbred
   Age: 12
   Color: Pinto
   Height: 15 hands
   Weight Limit: 230 lbs.
   Nicknames: Al

Handsome Cruise was the first horse acquired by Bridle Ranch.  Before coming to us, Cruise was used as a therapy horse in Wyoming.  He loves kids and, at 16 hands, is our gentle giant.

​~ CRUISE ~​

​Snip was the inspiration for the beginning of Bridle Ranch.  He was a classic ranch horse before coming to us.  He spent his summers working cattle in Wyoming and his winters out in the pasture.  He's smart, curious, and smooth to ride.


   Breed: Kentucky Mountain Horse (gaited)
   Age: 22
   Color: Blue Roan (changes every season)
   Height: 16 hands
   Weight Limit: 250 lbs.
   Nicknames: Mr. Cruise, Cruisers

   Breed: Quarterhorse
   Age: 2
   Color: Chestnut
   Height: 14.2 hands
   Weight Limit: 150 lbs.
   Nicknames: Baby Brother



Kenai is so sweet and adorable. He's the baby of our herd and can be a little nervous at times, but he loves to make friends and be a part of the daily activities.

Sweet Aladdin is a very cuddly horse.  He loves hugs and kisses and attention of any kind.  His intelligence shines through any time he has a training session, and has a strong enough personality to make him a fun challenge to ride.

   Breed: Quarterhorse
   Age: 17
   Color: Chestnut
   Height: 15 hands
   Weight Limit: 200 lbs.
   Nicknames: Snips, Snippers, Snipper-Bob

~ SNIP ~

Angel is the first mare Bridle Ranch has ever had and we love having her in our herd. She is an absolute sweetheart and although she's one of our older horses she is still rather spunky and sassy. She never gets enough love and attention from our students, her favorite lessons are when we spend the whole time pampering her.

   Breed: Missouri Foxtrotter (gaited)

   Age: 19

   Color: Palomino

   Height: 15.2 hands

   Weight Limit: 200 lbs.

​   Nicknames: Pretty Lady, Miss Piggy


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