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Group sizes and Prices - 1 hour classes


HorsePlay is recommended for ages 10+ years old, though we can accommodate famillies with children as young as 3 years old. HorsePlay is great for individuals, families, businesses, and groups of up to 25 people.

HorsePlay is a hands-on, fully interactive, guided playtime with horses, giving you a chance to interact with horses in ways that will challenge, entertain, and uplift. The games range from simple to challenging, and can be adapted to almost anyone's ability and interest level.

During HorsePlay, the instructor will invite your group into the arena with at least one horse, where the humans will remain on the ground. Then, we give you a challenge. Sometimes, it's as simple as haltering and grooming your horse. For the more confident or more experienced, your challenge might be asking your horse to go over a jump. Our games are designed to help humans and horses interact in a way that is engaging and meaningful for all involved. Most people laugh their way through, and many come away with interesting insights. These fun challenges focus on communication skills, self-awareness, teamwork, and problem-solving through a wonderful and unique experience!

HorsePlay Packages




(1-2 People)



(3-6 People)



(7-10 People)



(10-15 People)



(Large groups, up to 25 People)


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