What is HorsePlay?  
HorsePlay is a hands-on, fully interactive, guided playtime with horses.  Great for individuals, families, groups, and businesses, HorsePlay gives you a chance to interact with horses in ways that will challenge, entertain, and uplift.  The games range from simple to challenging, and can be adapted to almost anyone’s ability and interest level.

Why HorsePlay?
Horses love to play!  They run, jump, spin, and frolic almost as much as puppies!  Our games are designed to help humans and horses interact in a way that is engaging and meaningful for all involved.  Plus, HorsePlay is a great way to build communication skills, teamwork, and self-awareness.  It's fantastic for team building, and it is a wonderful, unique experience.  Most people laugh their way through, and many come away with interesting insights.

Who should participate in HorsePlay?
Almost everyone should engage in HorsePlay!  We will guide individuals or groups up to 25 people through an engaging and enjoyable game with our beautiful horses.  An interest in horses is helpful, but not necessary.  Bring your friends, family, a date, or business group to this unique experience!

What ages should participate in HorsePlay?
HorsePlay is recommended for ages 10+, though we will allow children as young as 7 in the arena during the games.  If you have younger children, no worries.  We regularly teach children as young as 3 to interact with horses.  We can help your whole family to have a great experience with horses!

What should we bring?
Long pants and close-toed shoes are required.  Otherwise, be advised that we will be outside, so hats, water bottles and weather-appropriate clothing are important.  Also, outside is dirty, so don’t wear your nicest clothes!  

Will we be riding?

During HorsePlay, the humans will remain on the ground.  This allows us to have unique, wonderful playtimes with the horses.

When do you hold HorsePlay sessions?  
We do HorsePlay weekday afternoons and evenings, as well as most of the day Saturday.

How do I sign up?
Send us an email or give us a call at least a week before you want to come play.  We’ll get you into our schedule!  


Smile and Play!

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