Course NameCourse Requirements# of ClassesCourse Price
Beginning Ground Skills9+ years old4_______$78
Intermediate Ground SkillsBeginning Ground Skills Certificate4_______$88
Advanced Ground SkillsIntermediate Ground Skills Certificate4_______$98
Grooming and Braiding9+ years old4_______$90
Horse Art9+ years old4_______$85
Horse PhotographyBring your own camera, 9+ years old4_______$105
Horse Care9+ years old8_______$216

Introducing Bridle Ranch Horse Joy Classes!!!

Horse Joy classes are non-riding classes that give you the chance to play with, train, and enjoy aspects of horses that don't include riding.  Some are serious learning or training courses.  Others are more intended for fun and joy.  (We'll let you decide which are which!)  All the classes are geared toward building confidence, enjoyment, strength, and richer, fuller lives.  Smile and play!

Look below for course requirements and prices!!!

Course Descriptions

Horse Joy courses

Beginning Ground Skills- This course is a good introduction for people who have never been around horses before.  It includes basic horse etiquette, grooming, introductory stable management, and leading horses through various obstacles.

Intermediate Ground Skills- This course builds on the safety and etiquette skills of the previous level, plus adds some introductory ground training.

Advanced Ground Skills- In this course, participants develop a deeper level of communication with their horses, fine-tuning their on-line skills and beginning to play with liberty.

Grooming and Braiding- This course focuses on the various ways that people groom their horses, both for shows and for fun.  The course culminates with a "glamour" grooming day and photographs.

Horse Art- In this course, participants will create various pictures of horses, based on real models.  Depending on the teacher, the course will focus on different mediums, styles, and/or poses.

Horse Photography- The Horse Photography course teaches participants various ways to photograph horses.  This will include with and without people or other animals, with tack and without, and methods for getting good poses from the horses.

Horse Care- This class goes in-depth on how to care for horses, from ascertaining weight and height, maintaining fences, feeding, and basic veterinary care.  The course will include both theory and hands-on activities.

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