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Traditional Group Experience- $11/person, 3-10 people, ages 3+

This experience is great for younger groups.  Riders are led around the arena, and given the opportunity to complete challenges such as riding with eyes closed, turning circles, and even riding backwards!

Combat Games Group Experience- $17/person, 2-10 people, ages 7+

Exclusively at Bridle Ranch!  During this group experience, riders are led around the arena and given the chance to practice time-honored combat skills!  Thread lances through rings and shoot foam darts through targets!  Confident riders may try smaller targets or being led at a trot, at the discretion of the instructor. 

Western Games Group Experience- $17/person, 2-10 people

During the Western Games Group Experience, riders are led through traditional Western Games patterns, including Barrel Racing.  Those who are waiting their turn may practice roping on the sidelines!  Confident riders may be led at a trot at the discretion of the instructor.

When should I schedule my group experience?

  • We recommend calling or emailing at least a week in advance.  The earlier you schedule your ride time, the more likely you are to get the time you want.  We can sometimes accommodate groups with less than a week's notice, but in order to do so, we will charge an extra $10.

What times are available for Group Experiences?

  • We have a few times specifically set aside for Group Experiences, generally in the early afternoon or late evening.  Also, whenever we have spots that open up during our weekly lesson schedule, those slots are available for Group Experiences.

Group Experiences

Group Experiences are great for parties, team-building exercises, group activities, and those who want a gentle riding experience.  Riders will get a chance to interact with their horse, learn fun horse facts and skills, and be led around on a horse.  Each Group Experience offers a different challenge.  Come explore!

Group Experiences FAQ