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How much are Group Experiences?

  • Because riders will not be in control of their own horses, the price for a group experience is only $8.50 per person.

How many people can be in our group?

  • Group experiences must be at least 3 people, but no more than 10 people.

What are the age restrictions?

  • Anybody age 3-99 may ride, as long as they are physically able to sit on the horse.

When should I schedule my group experience?

  • We recommend calling or emailing at least a week in advance.  The earlier you schedule your ride time, the more likely you are to get the time you want.  We can sometimes accommodate groups with less than a week's notice, but in order to do so, we will charge an extra $10.

What times are available for Group Experiences?

  • We have a few times specifically set aside for Group Experiences, generally in the early afternoon or late evening.  Also, whenever we have spots that open up during our weekly lesson schedule, those slots are available for Group Experiences.

Group Experiences

Smile and Ride!

Group Experiences are ideal for birthday parties, family outings, and those who want a gentle riding experience.  Riders will get a chance to interact with their horse, learn a few fun facts about horses, and be led around on a horse.  We also have challenges that are easy enough for small children, and challenging enough to be interesting for adults!

Group Experiences F.A.Q.