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Course NameCourse RequirementsNumber of ClassesCourse Price
Beginning Western GamesHelmet, Safety Certificate4$149
Beginning English GamesHelmet, Boots, Trail Certificate12$479
Beginning Combat GamesHelmet, Safety Certificate3$130
Beginning Labyrinth CourseHelmet, Boots, Intermediate Ground Skills Certificate, Safety Certificate4$149
Beginning Drill TeamHelmet, Arena Certificate8$296
Beginning Bareback ClassHelmet, Arena Certificate4$168

Course NameCourse RequirementsNumber of ClassesCourse Price
Intermediate Western GamesHelmet, Boots, Trail Certificate4$169
Intermediate English GamesHelmet, Boots, Sunset Certificate12$575
Intermediate Combat GamesHelmet, Arena Certificate3$145
Intermediate Labyrinth CourseHelmet, Boots, Intermediate Ground Skills Certificate, Safety Certificate4$158
Intermediate Drill TeamHelmet, Boots, Trail Certificate8$336
Intermediate Bareback ClassHelmet, Trail Certificate4$168

Adventure Courses

Course Name Course RequirementsNumber of ClassesCourse Price
Expert Labyrinth CourseHelmet, Boots, Advanced Ground Skills, Trail Certificate4$186

Beginning Courses

Introducing all new Adventure Classes!!!

Bridle Ranch's Adventure Classes are a chance for riders to experience the joys of competition-like events without the stress or costs that comes from actual competitions.  With Bridle Ranch Adventure Classes, riders can experience various types of competitions, from English to Western, from Combat to Bareback.

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Course Descriptions

Western Games Course- In this course, riders will experience Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Keyhole, and a Trail Class.  

English Games Course- This course focuses on Jumping, Dressage, and Equitation.  Riders will focus on the precision details that will take their riding to a higher level.

Combat Games Course- This course is a fun compilation of combat skills including Ring Jousting, Shooting, and a Skill-at-Arms course.

Labyrinth Course- Based on the Calgary Stampede, this course combines elements of Natural Horsemanship both in ground skills and riding to get participants through challenging obstacle courses.

Drill Team Course- Riders will learn a choreographed pattern and ride through it at various gaits and speeds.  At the end of the course, the riders will be recorded riding their "dance" to music.

Bareback Course- Riders will focus on their horsemanship skills and balance as they ride through various exercises and games, all without a saddle!

Advanced Courses

Each course is offered in various levels.  Check below for course names, requirements and prices!

Intermediate Courses

Expert Courses

Course NameCourse RequirementsNumber of ClassesCourse Price
Advanced Western GamesHelmet, Boots, Sunset Certificate4$180
Advanced Combat GamesHelmet, Boots, Meadow Certificate3$160
Advanced Labyrinth CourseHelmet, Boots, Intermediate Ground Skills Certificate, Trail Certificate4$172
Advanced Drill TeamHelmet, Boots, Meadow Certificate8$365
Advanced Bareback ClassHelmet, Sunset Certificate4$185