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Level Descriptions

Safety-  This level focuses on being safe around the horses and learning basic riding and grooming skills.  A bit of trotting is also introduced.

Arena- In this level, we practice walking patterns, being in rhythm with the horse, and gaining good control.  Some lessons are ridden bareback.  Riders learn to ask their own horses to trot.

Trail- This level assumes you have enough control of your horse to go out on a trail ride.  While trail rides are not currently offered in our program, riders will work on more difficult riding skills. Riding the trot is improved and refined, and a bit of cantering is introduced.  

Meadow- Meadow level riders will strengthen their trotting and cantering skills. They will also build on their ability to ride softly, with improved balance and better communication.  

Sunset- Students at this level will continue to practice skills at all the gaits.  Trotting through patterns on the correct diagonal is expected, and simple lead changes are introduced.  At this level, riders work on becoming more self-directed.  Ground lessons are also practiced, which helps students to learn how to train horses.

Horsemanship- Riders will work on walking without reins, trotting over small obstacles, and cantering through patterns with flying lead changes.  Students also have a chance to either teach a horse or to begin student teaching in Safety lessons. 

What To Expect

Here at Bridle Ranch, safety is our first priority.  To ensure this, we do require all participants to wear long pants, close-toed shoes, and helmets when working with the horses.  We have helmets of various sizes that can be borrowed, but we recommend purchasing your own SEI or ASTM certified horse helmet. 

Additional Information

1. Weather

We will work throughout the year, both in the heat of summer and the dead of winter. Please dress accordingly. Long pants are required year-round. In winter, we recommend coats, gloves, hats, and boots. In summer, we recommend sunscreen and wide-brimmed hats.

2. Ground work

In order to keep the horses healthy, we plan to do a ground lesson for one out of four riding lessons. Bad weather may dictate that we do ground work more often than once in a month, but we do strive to ride at least 3 of every four weeks.  Ground lessons are just as much fun as riding.  We watch videos, do age-appropriate horse-related activities, and learn information that is essential for any equestrian.  As in all lessons, ground lessons are geared toward helping students master their current level and strive for the next level in the Bridle Ranch program.

3. Equipment

We provide horses, tack, and a riding space. We also have a few helmets that are available to rent. We recommend purchasing your own helmet, and can provide recommendations of where to obtain them. Bike helmets are not equivalent to horse helmets. For your safety, boots are required from Trail level on.

4. Level Tests

In the level test, you will be required to demonstrate each of the level skills with minimal prompting from the instructor. Level tests will typically be one hour long.

5. Fun

Riding and playing with horses is incomparable. It takes a lot of work and discipline, but our goal at Bridle Ranch is to help you achieve high skill levels both in riding and groundwork, and to have a lot of fun in the journey. If ever you have questions, concerns, ideas, or comments, please let us know!


Smile and Ride!

Bridle Ranch has six different levels of ability.  Each level is priced differently, with the goal that students only pay for the skills at their riding level, rather than the more advanced skills of the instructor.  We require every student, regardless of previous riding ability, to begin at Safety Level and move through the levels as they show mastery of each level's skills.  There is no set time for each level; students will progress at their pace and at the discretion of their teacher.

Safety Considerations

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