Smile and Ride!

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For Riding Lessons, for the first two levels, any close-toed shoes with a back (sneakers) will do just fine. From Trail Level on, we start doing some pretty serious trotting, at which point boots with a heel become necessary.

- Long Pants
- Close-Toed Shoes
- Helmet, if riding

kids classes

equipment required to be in the arena

Every rider at Bridle Ranch needs  helmet.
For Riding Lessons, we recommend bringing your own SEI or ASTM certified horse helmet. These can be purchased on However, helmets are available to rent for $1/lesson.
Since Kids Classes will not be riding for the entire hour, the cost of the helmet is covered in the cost of the Classes.
For Individual Experiences, helmets are available to rent for $1/experience.
For Group Experiences, the cost of the helmets is covered in the cost of the experience.

There may be an Indoor or Ground Lesson if there is precipitation and/or temperature is:
- under 30°F
- over 100°F



Additional Information


​What and when is Ground Work?
In order to keep the horses healthy, we plan to do a ground lesson for one out of four riding lessons. Bad weather and/or our horses' moods may dictate when we do a ground lesson. We do strive to ride at least three of four weeks. Ground lessons are just as much fun as riding. We watch videos, do age-appropriate horse-related activities, and learn information that is essentially for any equestrian. As in all lessons, ground lessons are geared toward helping students master their current level and strive for the next level in the Bridle Ranch program.

Do you work with people with disabilities?
While we are willing to work with most people, we don't typically work with people with disabilities.  We don't have the specialized equipment or training to help some people reach their full potential with horses.  We will, however, work with high-functioning individuals on a case-by-case basis.

Will I ride on my first day?
On your first day, you will spend the first 15-20 minutes going over paperwork.  During this time, you will learn more about how our program works and what you can expect as a student.  After that, you will spend a little time leading your horse around and, assuming you feel comfortable with it, you will mount and learn the basics of controlling your horse.  We get you riding on the first day!

Do you have an indoor arena?
At this point, we only have an outdoor arena, but we hope to have an indoor arena in the next 5 years! 

Can I stay and watch a lesson/class?

For the safety of the students, horses, and instructors we ask that anyone staying to watch a lesson remain outside the pasture.  We have chairs for your convenience and you are more than welcome to take pictures.  We also ask that you not try to teach or instruct the student.


We can often ride when the weather is less than ideal. However, there is so much to learn about the horsing lifestyle beyond riding! We do ground lessons, horse care lessons, watch videos, and play games that all help us to learn more about working with horses.

Kids Class may be cancelled if there is precipitation and/or the temperature is:
- under 35°F
- over 95°F




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