I started taking lessons here because I love horses and plan to have my own someday. I continue to take lessons because I love this style and want to be a skillful instructor.

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Horse Crew

Breed:  Quarterhorse
Age:  13
Color:  Chestnut
Height:  15 hands
Weight Limit: 200 lbs.
Nicknames:  Snips, Snippers, Snipper-Bob

Handsome Cruise was the first horse acquired by Bridle Ranch.  Before coming to us, Cruise was used as a therapy horse in Wyoming.  He loves kids and, at 16 hands, is our gentle giant.

Smile and Ride!


Breed:  Thoroughbred
Age: 9
Color:  Pinto
Height:  15 hands
Weight Limit: 220 lbs.
Nicknames:  Al

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Sweet Aladdin is a very cuddly horse.  He loves hugs and kisses and attention of any kind.  His intelligence shines through any time he has a training session, and has a strong enough personality to make him a fun challenge to ride.

I have loved animals my whole life, and graduated from college as a Veterinary Assistant. I love teaching lessons, and working with our horses.


I grew up in the suburbs of Idaho, but I frequently visited family ranches in Wyoming where I learned the basics of riding. Now, I work as an Electrical Engineer, and completely love country life.

Crew Members

There is nothing in this world that quite compares with the majesty and power and romance of riding a horse.  When working with horses, we have to find a balance within ourselves between effectiveness and gentleness, patience and assertiveness, leadership and love.  We learn to listen by watching and to communicate with our body movements.  We learn respect for and command over powerful elements of nature.  We learn selflessness, confidence, and discipline.  Horses enhance the relationships we have with ourselves and make us better people.  Plus, playing with horses is fun!

Barn Manager


Owners and Founders

Snip was the inspiration for the beginning of Bridle Ranch.  He was a classic ranch horse before coming to us.  He spent his summers working cattle in Wyoming and his winters out in the pasture.  He's smart, curious, and smooth to ride.

Breed:  Kentucky Mountain Horse (gaited)

Age:  18
Color:  Blue Roan (changes every season)
Height:  16 hands
Weight Limit: 250 lbs.
Nicknames:  Mr. Cruise, Cruisers




I grew up on a Ranch in California, and have been riding since 11 years old. I learned to teach riding lessons at a treatment center for troubled youth. I left that when Ryan and I started a family, and stumbled into starting my own business. For me, Bridle Ranch is a platform for helping people and connecting with them and I completely love what I do.

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